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Jessica Forman


Jessica Forman, herbalist with a B.S. in Natural Health from Clayton College, is from Irvine, California but has been living in Florida for some time now. Jessica is very interested in herbs, nutrition, educating people on healthy living and self sustainable and self reliant living. She has designed many of the formulas on this website and is one of the happiest, postive people you will ever meet.




Harry O'RourkeHarrison O’Rourke, originally from Levittown, New York, has his own local web design company Htronic Web Design with its office located in Melbourne, Florida (65 Nasa Blvd). He is the other master mind behind Funky Fresh Foods and master chef creator some really great items soon to be available the website such as superfood hummus, pumpkin seed pate and more.  He feels that sometimes healthy living gets the wrong image and that a healthy lifestyle should be based on just keeping it real and not following trends.



Jess and Harry Chillin

Harrison and Jessica are working on projects to help educate the open-minded on how to be healthy, self reliant and sustainable. Funky Fresh Foods to us is a way to present real information without boundaries. Our people are the young and fresh, whether it be mind or body.


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