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  • Timeframe: Every week
  • Cost: $50.00
  • Location: Indialantic, FL
  • Organic!!
  • Amount: see below
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Melbourne, Florida Organic Produce Buying Club:

October, 2008

Its about time my friends, an organic produce co-op right here in the space coast. We are offering a weekly variety box (luscious fruits, veggies and especially GREENS:) for $50.00 and the option of ordering entire cases of produce, whatever produce you want. There are no commitments, sign up fees or member fees. Just order when you want. If you are interested, just send an email over to and you will receive the weekly email that inform you of what the box with contain for the following week and an updated price list for if your interested in ordering by the case. You just let us know by Sunday what you want and your organic produce will be in Indialantic for pick up by Tuesday morning.

Its as simple as that. You will not find a better price for organic produce in Melbourne, Florida or anywhere around. What else is pretty great is that you will pick your food up at a happy house with smiling faces where you can see sprouts, wheat grass and other crops growing, link up with vibrant healthy people offering other great events like raw food dinners and re-education classes. We see every aspect of this co-op as a healthy and beneficial meeting of joy that occurs on a weekly basis. Enjoy the abundance with us.

-Shares and prices change according to season and availability so we receive the best produce available at any given time.

-Sample Weekly Email-

Hello all,

The food box for Tuesday 10.7.08 is as follows.  If you want a box, please respond via email by 4 pm Sunday 10.5.08.  Also, if possible, please include when approximately you will be picking up your box.  They will be ready after 10 am.  I have also attached the wholesale list as well where you can buy full cases of things.  I think I will have leftover individual kale, chard and dandelion greens also, but not too many.  Pickup will be at 161 sand dollar rd indialantic fl 32903, (1 mile south of Eau Gallie off of Riverside drive) and cash is preferred but checks are okay too, the boxes cost $50.  We will be starting up raw vegan dinners and I will be putting on re-education classes starting approximately 10.18, also I will be offering raw vegan seed cheeses, salad dressings, and desserts probably next week.  Also, fresh sprouts will be available upon request - so its getting better all the time.

Anyway, box contents this week:
-4 hass avocados       - 3# red delicious apples     -1# strawberries          -3 heads celery               -1# box baby spinach                -1# box spring mix
-1 pt cherry tomatoes    -2# roma tomatoes (different supplier than last week)        -4 lemons               -8 oranges                          -4# bananas

Please bring back your plastic containers as we will re-use them for sure. 

Jason - Happy Healthy Human
Peace and Love to you all.



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