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Stevia - It's a root!

It has been said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar. Does not spike your glucose levels like sugar does, it is not bleached like white sugar and it is not manmade like high fructose corn syrup. Stevia It has an interesting flavor. It's a root, our stevia is organic and it is sweet. This is the real sweetener compared to your artificial sweeteners.

What to use it in:

We put it in liquor drinks and you don't get a bad headache in the morning. If I were to make like a drink, a sweet tea, I would just take a pinch and throw it in. If I drank coffee I would use that instead of other sugars for sure. White sugar and artificial sweeteners are so bad for you. Stevia is a smart alternative to sugar and I would test it out in anything that uses sugar. You may combine stevia, honey and fruit to make anything sweet and so much better for you that regular or artificial sugar. It's true.

Why do I think it's a better way to go:

Because the alternatives suck. Such as:
White sugar (baked shit, cookies, sweetened drinks): Bleached and stripped of its natural form. Sugar is not white. Mostly anything that gets bleached is going to be bad for you. (read more…)

High Fructose Corn Syrup (coke, pepsi, and most sodas): This one is the worst! (read our top five worst things to eat) It makes you fat, gives you diabetes, and more.
Aspartame, sucralose, equal, sweet and low etc. - artificial sweeteners - wow are these bad for you.

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