Can-O-Worms (Without Composting Worms)

Can-O-Worms (Without Composting Worms)

The Can-O-Worms is an odorless, user friendly system that allows anyone to participate in recycling. Whether you live in an apartment, have a backyard or classroom. You can turn your household waste into "Black Gold" as worm castings, which is one of the best fertilizers on the planet! Turn your kitchen scraps, yard waste and even newspapers into valuable fertilizer with the help of worms. Produce organic fertilizer for indoor plants and your garden with very little effort. You will be doing your environment a HUGE favour, by reducing the amount of waste dumped in landfills. The Can-O-Worms is made from recycled plastic.

The Can-O-Worms can hold 12,000 to 15,000 worms (12 to 15 lbs.). Because each pound of worms can eat and convert ½ pound per day of organic materials - you can convert 6 to 7½ pounds of your waste into valuable worm castings every day!!

Innovative stacking tray system allows you to use food trays as needed as well as easy removal of quality castings and worm tea.

Harvesting of castings (worm poo) is easy because the worms move up, searching for organic waste, leaving their rich castings behind. The holes in the bottom of the tray allow the worms to "eat their way up" leaving the valuable castings behind to be easily removed for use on plants. As each Bottom Tray becomes full, simply harvest it and put the empty tray back on the top of the tower. Simple, effective recycling.

Vent holes on the top and bottom allow for aerobic conditions without allowing insects in.

A tap on the system allows you to collect the liquid produced (worm "tea") to use as liquid fertiliser for all your plants - indoors or out, without the risk of burning the plants! This can be diluted by half without affecting the nutrient content.

The Can-O-Worms bin will fit almost anywhere. It is 20-inches in diameter and only 30-inches tall when all three trays are in place!

This is the perfect way to turn unwanted household organic waste into a rich soil conditioner for your garden. You will notice the definite improvement in plant growth and enriched flavor of vegetables.

Every Can-O-Worms is made from 100% post consumer waste recycled plastic.

  Cost $135.00
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