Red Wiggler Worms

5lb Composting Red Wiggler Worms (Eisendia Fetida, Rubellus)

5lb Composting Red Wiggler Worms (Eisendia Fetida, Rubellus)

Finest compost worms, the red-wigglers! (Eisendia Fetida, Rubellus) The Red Wigglers has been found to be capable of transforming huge quantities of garbage into something very valuable. They have a very big appetite and can eat 1 to 1 1/2 times their weight every day.

The Red Wiggler population can grow very rapidly. When worms breed, both male and female have reproductive organs. Each worm produces 3-4 cocoons per week Approximately 83% hatch. Approximately 3 worms emerge from each cocoon. It takes 32-73 days for a cocoon to hatch. It takes 53-76 days for the baby worms to mature and be ready to reproduce. (Eggs become adult worms ready to reproduce in approximately 149 days or 5 months.)

  Cost $125.00
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