Wonder Worm - Manure Plus

25 lb Bag Wonder Worm/Manure Plus (80% Manure/20% Worm Castings)

25 lb Bag Wonder Worm/Manure Plus (80% Manure/20% Worm Castings)

Wonder Worm/Manure Plus

20% Worm Castings 80% Screen Cow Manure

(Worm Manure Plus can be purchased in larger quantites by calling 1-800-237-4780 for pricing.)

The worm castings are very high in micro-organisms. This rapidly increases the breakdown of the cow manure into food which the plants need and like. This process is excellent for use on vegetable gardens, planting of flowers, grapes, trees, lawns, etc.

Apply approx. 1" thick and mulch into soil, then water.

Mulch into the soil to stimulate bacteria growth. These bacteria in the soil promote root growth. The deeper root system adds to the overall health of the plant and the increase of crop yields.

Worm/Manure Plus can be applied at any time during the year. It is suggested that it be applied in the Spring, before planting, and again in the Fall, or after final harvest.

  Cost $15.00
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