Wonder Worm Castings

1 Quart bag of 100% Pure Wonder Worm Castings

1 Quart bag of 100% Pure Wonder Worm Castings

WORM CASTINGS are the excretions of the Worm after eating your Garbage. They convert your Garbage to a very high quality plant and soil enhancer. It is completely natural and organic and highly concentrated. Worm Castings are used for 1/4" - 1/2" top dressing on your lawns, plants etc. They feed your plants on demand and the nutrients can be used by the plants immediatley because the worms have processed them in a way plants naturally thrive in. They ensure a healthy and sustainable soil ecosystem by regulating the availability of essential plant nutrients, by enriching and improving the soil, and by promoting the natural activity of beneficial microorganisms.

The reason why OUR VITAL EARTH has SUPERIOR QUALITY WORM CASTINGS is because we have taken the above to the next level. OUR VITAL EARTH has a "tried and true" supplemental feeding program that adds an additional 60/70 minerals and trace elements to the worm castings. Also the addition of paramagnetic clays to the feeding program promotes plant growth and health.

  Cost $6.50
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