Wonder Worm Tea

1 pint Concentrate Wonder Worm Tea (Makes 50 Pints)

1 pint Concentrate Wonder Worm Tea (Makes 50 Pints)

This makes 50 pints of PLANT FOOD as well as INSECTICIDE and FUNGICIDE.

WORM TEA is collected by the spraying of the worm pits. The worm urine as well as the other nutrients are combined and recycled. Worm Tea feeds your plants on demand and the nutrients can be used by the plants immediatley because the worms have processed them in a way plants naturally thrive in. The end result is a liquid plant and soil enhancer that can be diluted to a 1 part Worm Tea to 50 parts Water. (1-50 ratio).

What makes our Worm Tea Superior is that we include 60/70 minerals and trace elements and then test to make sure it meets our high standard of excellence.

CONCENTRATE 1:50 ratio

  Cost $10.00
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